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“Now We’re Talking” Pediatric Therapy, Inc. Garner, NC

Our Mission:

The ability to communicate is a foundation of survival and happiness, essentially a gift.  With this gift you are capable of connecting with others, building relationships, and participating in life.

Our goal is to provide your children and family with the best therapies and support that we can within the most natural environment such as your home or child’s daycare/preschool as well as in clinic.

A child’s work is to play, they learn from example and through exploration in their everyday lives.  We strive to build trusting relationships and enhance effective communication and confidence while having fun.  For young children the therapeutic journey includes the entire family and all caregivers’ involvement and participation, not just the child.

Our Philosophy

Is Child First, Disability second.  Children deserve respect and that can begin with how we see and treat them.  You may have a child with autism, not an autistic child, a child with Down’s Syndrome, not a Downs’ child.  Self esteem is a key component to therapeutic success in turn success in life.  We will build your child to have the confidence and internal drive to be successful in whatever they work at.  We may identify weakness’ but we focus on strengths and build on what your child CAN do.  Each child is unique and should not fit into a mold.  We will establish a rapport and figure out what works best for your child in order to be successful.